Black Lashes Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser
Black Lashes Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser

Black Lashes Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser


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Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser by Black Lashes is perfect for cleansing eyelashes before lash extensions and for home use.

Why is it better?

  • Neutral PH
  • Optimised for eyelid health
  • Developed for ultimate adhesive retention
  • Normalises and balances lash cuticle
  • Gentle yet pleasantly perfumed foam
  • Made in Belgium
  • No saltwater
  • No dilution needed
  • No baking soda
  • No fokus pokus

PH is a thing...

We've done tons of research and science doesn't lie. I makes complete sense too! Majority of cleaners have a PH of 4.5-5.5; meaning they're slightly acidic. Its not super pleasant for the eyes and its also not favourable for that ultimate bonding experience between the lash and adhesive. At this PH level the hair cuticle is tightly sealed, making the impression of "slippery lashes". Don't even get me started on these - they are a nightmare!

Great things happen to lashes, when we introduce the neutral PH of 7-7.2; it balances the lash cuticles - relaxes them and normalises the hair, therefore making it more susceptible to that great adhesion between natural and artificial lashes everyone is after. Think of it as applying make up on clean, well moisturised and primed skin - always glides better and doesn't cake up!

Neutral PH is also safe for the skin and won't cause discomfort to the eye ('cause our tears are made from the same PH level). Keeping the lash neutralised daily, means its not continuously opening/closing the hair cuticle as it would naturally in response to every day environment, and therefore keep the hardened adhesive intact. Yes, its means that your clients will have better retention using this cleanser daily. You're welcome!


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In short: try and see the difference.

✓Comes in 50ml and 150ml pump bottle.

✓Suitable as an after care product

✓Pair with our pink cleansing brush for perfect home care kit

Our best selling product!

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