Lash Lift Isolator Tool
Lash Lift Isolator Tool

Lash Lift Isolator Tool

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This little bling baby has a super fine tip, making it easy to use and perfect for isolation and separation. Therefore, it is the perfect addition to your lash lifting kit.

Up your lash lift game!

Instructions for cleaning: 

  1. Wash tool with Luke warm soapy water to remove any glue or product residue 
  2. Submerse tool in Disinfectant (HLD) as per manufacturer of disinfectant brands instructions.  Prolonged exposure to HLD or beyond manufacturers recommendation for submersion is not recommended as it may cause corrosion or damage to the tool
  3. Remove tool from disinfectant solution wearing gloves
  4. Rinse thorough with running cool water to remove any remanence of disinfectant 
  5. Dry the tool
  6. Properly store cleaned Lash Lift Isolator tool in a sterile covered container

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