Elleebana TRY ME Sample pack

Elleebana TRY ME Sample pack


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Try Elleebana lash lift and setting lotions and best selling Extreme Styling Shields. 

We understand that when artists are looking to switch brands, they may not want to purchase the full sized packs and we are confident that this Elleebana value sample pack will provide a sufficient introduction to the brand for artists interested to switch for Elleebana.

Please note, Elleebana processing times are shorter than most brands, contact us if you require assistance on how to get the best results with Elleebana. Only for experienced artists already working with another lash lift brand and looking to switch. 


2 x Lash Lift Lotions

2 x Setting Lotions

1 x Extreme Styling shields (combo pack)

*If you are currently working with another lash lift brand and wishing to switch to Elleebana, please note, although we include instructions on how to use the products, we ask that only well experienced artists attempt to use them without prior Elleebana training. If you wish to learn more about Elleebana techniques, we highly recommend our online conversion course: https://everlastingatelier.com/collections/get-trained/products/elleebana-lash-lift-online-conversion-course-excl-vat-20

Beginners online and in person courses are also available in our get trained section.

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