Elleeplex Pro Fusion TINT

Elleeplex Pro Fusion TINT


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Welcome Elleebana ProFusion lash and brow tints. This amazing system works on its own as well as in synergy with the rest of the ProFusion system and allows you to add colour to lashes and brows during the lash lamination and brow lamination service, therefore saving you time! Please note, the tint can be mixed in with ProFusion lash and brow system setting lotion and applied as you set your lash lift or brow lamination. Make sure to purchase ProFusion lash and brow lamination sachets if you wish to make use of this benefit. 

When you use ProFusion tints as part of lash lifting, please note, the tinting results on lashes may not be as intense as when tints are used a a whole separate step. 

ProFusion tints holds multitude of uses to provide an abundance of benefits to salons. Another fantastic option is to mix in Elleebana New ReGen and giving lashes and brows strengthening and nourishing boost while tinting them without additional step. Provide the best service in shortest possible time. 

Choose from:

Elleeplex Pro Black #1

Elleeplex Pro Graphite #1.1

Elleeplex Pro Blue Black #2

Elleeplex Pro Violet #5

Elleeplex Pro Deep Brown #3

Elleeplex Pro Honey brown #3.3

Elleeplex Pro Auburn #4

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