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Beginners Microblading Course | Norwich | Everlasting Brows Kit Included (excl.VAT 20%)
Beginners Microblading Course | Norwich | Everlasting Brows Kit Included (excl.VAT 20%)
Beginners Microblading Course | Norwich | Everlasting Brows Kit Included (excl.VAT 20%)

Beginners Microblading Course | Norwich | Everlasting Brows Kit Included (excl.VAT 20%)


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Beginners Microblading Course by Everlasting Brows in Norwich. the Course lasts for 3 consecutive days, begins at 10am and the day finishes at 5pm. 

Everlasting brows microblading kit is included, this is enough for 50 client treatments.

You will learn techniques from a well established training academy in London with a focus on quality training and products. The microblading is highly profitable treatment and Everlasting Brows are one of the best training providers in the world.

After extensive research and training, Everlasting Brows presents one of its kind eyebrow microblading course. Your instructor is 5 star rated trainer & award winning artist Alice Kingdom. Alice currently holds the title of “Best Microblading Artist 2020”, she will share the tips and tricks to her work, and help you build the confidence to create beautiful brows and start your career.

Our Microblading program has been designed, implementing the best aspects of all the education we have had whilst also spending our time innovating the PMU industry. We are confident that we will prepare you for this highly profitable industry.

Here is What You Will Learn at Everlasting Brows Microblading Course:

  • History of microblading
  • Aftercare techniques
  • Essential tools for the job
  • Blade types
  • Salon or workspace set-up, guidelines, correct hygiene
  • The structure & function of the skin, how it relates to microblading
  • Contraindications of microblading and how to deal with them
  • Brow-mapping, from A - Z (our famous techniques)
  • Colour theory & pigmentology
  • How to work with & identify the different skin tones
  • Different hair stroke patterns 
  • How to complete formal documents for consults and treatments
  • Social media marketing guide
  • Safety regulations
  • How to successfully answer common client questions
  • Access for online support
  • Lifetime support 
  • VCTC Level 4 (is an option)

✓ During your online pre-class material, you will work on various worksheets to begin developing your practical skills

✓ Once you attend your training, there will be more practical activities to grow the artist within you: brow mapping, eyebrow hair stroke patterns and more

✓ In class practice on fake skin - learn to use the blade, correct angles, best working position and how to place each hair stroke as well as how to create shaded effect

✓ There will be a live practical demo from your instructor before you work on your model

✓ Under the strict supervision of your instructor, you will also work on 2 live models during your in-class training

✓ You will further your practical skills with case studies done in your own time or when you organise additional training days at our academy


After attending the course, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance immediately. 
Once you complete 5 successful case studies, you will then receive your certificate of Completion. 
Finally, you will be working to complete VTCT level 4 is available.

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