ONLINE Pro Fusion BROW Lamination Course - kit included (exc.VAT 20%)

ONLINE Pro Fusion BROW Lamination Course - kit included (exc.VAT 20%)

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Brow Lamination is fast becoming one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry and Elleeplex Profusion is a highly sort after product line due to the quality and benefits of the product.  The brow lamination service gives the appearance of fuller eyebrows that are more easily shaped or corrected into brows that clients LOVE.

This ONLINE course arms you with the detailed concept of brow lamination as well as the hidden tips to mastering your technique to achieve perfect results each and every time.

For the very complex online course you are taken through step by step on brow lamination along with very detailed videos and demonstrations ensuring you understand the process fully. Your trainer is also always on hand for any additional support you may need.

You will then be required to submit before and after images for assessment after your training date to further ensure you have been able to retain and apply your new found skills with confidence.

During the course you will learn:

  • Getting to know your products
  • Understanding the hair structure and skin anatomy 
  • Health safety and sanitation
  • Contraindications and consultation
  • Brow lamination and tinting procedure
  • Home care advice 
  • Advanced tips and tricks

The course also includes a full profusion brow lamination kit which consists of 15 treatments and manual. 

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