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Find out all the details of Elleebana latest products for lash and brow lamination, tinting and the New-Gen ReGen.
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What can I do with ProFusion besides
laminate lashes & brows?

Profusion lash & brow lamination system allows use of setting step with lash & brow tinting. While your lift/lamination is setting, you can can tint at the same time.

What to expect from ProFusion Lash & Brow lamination System?

What to expect from ProFusion Lash & Brow lamination System?

Kind Reminder: All Elleebana and Elleeplex products are for professional use only.


  • Use perming lotion like as you normally would

  • When you arrive at setting/neutralising step,
    mix 1 part of the lotion with 1 part of Profusion tint
  • Cover the lashes
  • Time the setting lotion well and remove if as soon as your setting lotion timing is done

Note: Tint stain may not be as vibrant as it would be when tinting step is done separately.

How To Use Next Gen - ReGen


  • For externally dry lashes or brows, we recommend giving hair
    a “ReGen bath”
  • It means that you will cover the lashes or brows once you have completed your desired service & leave the ReGen on between 3-5 minutes 
  • It will allow hairs to absorb the maximum amount of goodness; 
  • Antioxidants, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts, root extracts and fruit extracts.

What's In The Box?

Watch our wonderful Kintija opening the newest addition to
Elleebana family & checking it out. 
Full Kit, all you need and more
to start successfully creating beautiful lashes & brows. 

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Why You Should Consider it in Your Practice

Vegan Friendly

These products are vegan friendly, and do not undergo animal testing. As well as these products do not contain keratin which is animal bi product.

Promotes Health

Conditions hair & boosts moisture content, whilst combating premature hair loss. Nourishes and strengthens hair shaft. Eliminates dryness & hair stress. 

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