Happily Ever-After AFTERCARE 7 day Kit
Happily Ever-After AFTERCARE 7 day Kit

Happily Ever-After AFTERCARE 7 day Kit

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After care kits for the best possible healed results for your clients. Pack of 28 Everlasting Soothe wipes and Nourish wipes will leave your client Happily Ever-After. 

We recommend to either inclue these as a part of your service cost or re-sell them at a higher price to your clients as prices reflected on Everlasting Brows are for artists only. Do contact us if you need RRP. 

Begin with step 1 EVER-SOOTHE (14 sachets)

Use twice a day, morning and evening, by gently patting the wipe on your freshly done PMU. The purpose of Ever-Soothe is to remove any dust, dirt, grease and sweat and allow the skin to heal quicker. Avoid rubbing too vigorously as that can cause damage to your permanent make up. Your wipe is also amazing for soothing the rest of the face, so once you are done with the PMU area, you can use the remaining of the wipe to give your face and neck a refreshing cleanse.

Follow with step 2 EVER-NOURISH (14 sachets)

Once you finish with Ever-Soothe, similarily, follow with Ever-Nourish. Gently pat the organic blend of oils that promote skin healing and regeneration directly onto the PMU area. Once again, avoid rubbing as that can cause poor retention, patting lightly few times is plentiful to infuse the skin and help it heal. Remaining of the wipe can be used on your face, neck, hands and even body. Recommended use twice a day after Ever-Soothe, however, if your skin is naturally oily, we recommend skipping the morning routine and using Ever-Nourish in the evening only


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