NEW! JUICY Prep-Pads pack of 20

NEW! JUICY Prep-Pads pack of 20


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  • 90% Isopropyl Alcohol wipes for skin and hard surfaces
  • Kills bacteria and viruses, every wipe individually wrapped
  • Medium size wipe, extra soaked.
  • Many hand gels do not kill viruses and therefore these prep wipes are the best for ensuring defence against virus
  • Provides protection when you are travelling or working. Wipe over all surfaces previously used by others and ensure any traces of bacteria and viruses are eliminated.
  • Extra strength action will ensure your protection

    Now more than ever protection against viruses is essential to encourage our wellbeing and that of general public. Many of hand sanitisers do not kill viruses and one of the most certain ways is to use high concentration Isopropyl Alcohol. Our wipes are made out of 90% Isopropyl Alcohol and can be used to wipe over surfaces at work and while travelling as well as wipe over hands and skin whenever necessary to keep you healthy. Pack of 20, extra juicy wipes are perfect to be kept at work, home and in travel bag for whenever you need to ensure hygienic environment. These were originally made for tattooing industry, to prepare skin and work space before tattooing procedure, where sterile environment is a must due to skin barrier being compromised. However, we decided to make these available for a general public as currently they are a necessity for everyone.

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