NEW!  BR Lash lifting glue balm 25g

NEW! BR Lash lifting glue balm 25g

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Elevate your lash lifts with our lifting glue balm that allows you to wrap lashes on the rods without the pressure of the glue drying out, giving you all the time you need to perfect your lift. Lash lifting glue balm is the latest sensation in the lash industry and artists prefer the clean, matt look that can be achieved with this products for those instagrammable photos.

- Less likely to cause a barrier for your lifting lotions than a glue, which means better results
- Nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil and jojoba oil won't allow the lashes to dry out during the service
- Effortless to remove
- No wastage product, this balm won't dry out so you can use up every single gram
- 25g is enough for up to 50 procedures

Please note, for very stubborn lashes, you may still need to resort to your lash lifting glue.

All in all, a fantastic product at the right price! A must have for every lash lift artist.

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