New Year, New you??

By Everlasting Atelier

New Year, New You?

It’s 2019! And whether you like it or not the new year has snuck upon us at full speed, and you know what that means… the entire population is setting unrealistic goals, and only a small select few (I’d take a wild guess of only maybe 1%? is that too excessive?) actually continue to work on these goals after the 2nd week of January...

Yes. I know. We’ve all been there, but why? Why is it more common to give up on our goals rather than staying motivated?

Introducing the NEW Lash Lift Isolator Tool.

By Everlasting Atelier
Due to the anticipation of our London launch, we just couldn’t wait to share with the world one of our latest lash lift addition.This little bling baby has a super fine tip, making it easy to use and perfect for isolation and separation. Therefore, it is the perfect addition to your lash lifting ...